Is it time to change the floor?

Floating wood floors or tiles are probably still the most popular choice when choosing a flat or house surface. Since the carpet requires more care, it is sufficient to use a nice and elegant floor. How then? Especially in prefabricated houses, it often happens that the owner decides to change the floor and remains unpleasant after uncovering the original floor covering. Most often it is an uneven layer of glue under linoleum, or an overall crooked floor. And here is the determination of most home masters.

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I need a new wood floor

So that you do not have to deal with all the problems with the floor yourself, you only need to contact our company that paves the way for laying tiles. In order to F&M on the reconstruction of the floor, it is necessary to find out its current state – the floors are unfortunately in most cases crooked. Then we will determine the approximate budget you will need for the reconstruction.

Once the floor is level, it is possible to install the tile or laminate floor itself. But first you have to decide what floor you want. With laminate flooring, it should be considered that cheap floors do not have such durability and durability. But you can rely on our expert advice.

When the floor is finalized, it is still fixed by the edge strips to ensure stability. Under the rails we can hide cables to achieve a cleaner interior design. It is necessary for the floor to stand for a while after laying, so it is necessary to wait 2-3 days with the furniture.

However, you do not need to complete all of this work. Just give it to us. Thanks to our experienced floorboards, it will be a breeze for us and you can enjoy the pleasure of a new floor in a short time.

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